Application Management

The AveriSource iSAT supports application management with a broad and deep range of reports to analyze complexity and gauge the impact of code changes.

Portfolio Rationalization

AveriSource can quickly and cost-effectively help determine which applications will cost the most (or least) to maintain and/or modernize. The information can be used to establish a plan for each application.

Application Modernization

When transformation from a legacy programming language to a modern OO/SO architecture is the appropriate modernization path, each of AveriSource’s offerings - documentation, impact analysis, and business rules - play a critical role.

COTS Conversion

In cases where a COTS package is a suitable modernization path for an application, knowing legacy application business rules is critical. And organizing rules by type and business function allows work to be organized efficiently.

Application Management Portfolio Rationalization COTS Conversion Application Modernization
Application Documentation
Business Rules
Impact Analysis
Data Lineage
Application/Program Overviews