iSAT Assessment Licensing Program Announced

AveriSource Announces iSAT Assessment Licensing For Its Global Systems Integration Partners

Dallas, Texas – August 10, 2021:

David Gutzman, AveriSource’s Managing Partner, announced today the ability for Global Systems Integrators to license the company’s iSAT Assessment software. AveriSource’s iSAT Assessment is a key product within the iSAT Platform (Interactive Software Analysis Technologies). The iSAT Platform is best in class automation software for enterprise digital modernization projects around the world across multiple verticals.

AveriSource’s iSAT Assessment is an automated solution providing key analysis of legacy mainframe and i-Series applications within complex environments to properly scope and strategically roadmap digital modernization programs. iSAT Assessment reports include Application Overview, Inventory, Missing Files, Unreferenced Files, Connection Analysis, and Complexity Analysis. Global Systems Integrators, Cloud providers and technology firms will be able to directly help their enterprise and public sector clients rapidly accelerate their migration to the Cloud by providing a quick, clear, and complete view of applications.

According to Mr. Gutzman, “Our Global Systems Integrator partners have asked us for years for direct access to our iSAT Assessment software so that they can provide clarity to their clients during meetings, strategy sessions and technical discussions. Our software runs on a local server environment or Cloud environment, making the iSAT Assessment’s output easily accessible while maintaining the security of the end client’s intellectual property. iSAT Assessment is a digital modernization scoping product which provides AveriSource’s partners and their end clients invaluable information that they need to embark on their Cloud journeys with confidence,” he shared.

About AveriSource
AveriSource is the global leader in automated Mainframe and i-Series Digital Modernization, helping clients rapidly accelerate their journey to the Cloud. AveriSource’s iSAT Platform (Interactive Software Analysis Technologies), is used by Global Systems Integrators, Enterprises, Technology Firms and Federal and State government agencies to digitally modernize their legacy software.

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