Flaws with the Lift and Shift Approach

Organizations are increasingly making the decision to migrate their IT operations to a Cloud environment for a variety of reasons, including flexibility, cost, lack of application expertise and security. This involves transferring data as well as any applications and operations within physical servers.

When it comes to the transfer of the applications, Lift and Shift – also known as Rehosting or a Forklift approach – is viewed as a faster approach. However, faster does not mean better and can be very costly. Imagine moving across country and paying to transport all of your garbage. Then, when you arrive, you throw your garbage away at your destination. This makes no sense, but companies do it every day, causing all of the extra fees paid to a Cloud provider – monthly – for their unnecessary technical, dead and redundant code.

Some companies believe that – to avoid downtime and reduce licensing costs – Lift and Shift is their best option. It is not. The AveriSource team uses its proprietary platform to ensure businesses fully maintain their operations while a digital modernization occurs in parallel. Only companies that have been through AveriSource’s digital modernization process believe it because they lived it. The rest simply do not know we exist – yet!

Reasons Not to Lift and Shift to the Cloud

Transitioning IT infrastructure into a Cloud environment is the perfect opportunity to rethink the role of IT personnel in an organization. With the enhanced reliability of Cloud-based services, IT professionals can spend less time troubleshooting infrastructure and more time innovating new solutions that help drive business growth. Traditional IT teams are often very siloed, with some handling a development role and others focusing on day-to-day operations. A shift to the Cloud can break down these barriers and unleash the creative potential of IT specialists.

When evaluating all of the challenges of a Lift and Shift approach, the AveriSource team believes the solution is very clear: focus on a Quick, Complete, Correct, and Cost-Efficient process. 

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