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Why Do Unemployment Sites Crash and Not Netflix?

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Russell Brandom wrote an article in April 28, 2020 titled The Problem with COBOL

He posed the question: Why Do Unemployment Sites Crash and Not Netflix? His stated position is that problems with old legacy code can run for years with only subtle issues, but when you have a sudden and unprecedented spike in traffic, systems can’t scale like a company such as Netflix.

Why can’t scale be achieved?

The answer is technical debt that locks a company into long past processes that don’t fit the needs of businesses in 2021 and beyond. Over two decades of projects, approximately 80% is dead, redundant and technical code.

Working with a team of experts who modernize legacy COBOL code (and many more languages) around the world, I’m often asked what questions should be asked by a leader in your position when undertaking a Legacy Code Modernization project. Is your company keeping up with the vital digitization and modernization of your Legacy Code? Do you know the challenges your company could face if this were not prioritized?

AveriSource is the Leader in Legacy Code Modernization

Assessments – Business Rules Extraction – and Microservices enabling future ready applications.

We help clients accelerate their Cloud journey with their digital modernization and transformation projects. AveriSource’s software platform, the iSAT (Interactive Software Analysis Technologies), is used by global enterprises, system integrators, technology firms and Federal and state government agencies to modernize legacy mainframe and i-Series systems.

Next Steps

If you would like the list of questions that we typically ask our clients when discussing digital modernization projects related to their insurance applications, please let us know and we’ll get the file out to you quickly! It will help you to organize your thoughts when thinking about next steps on your Cloud journey. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Current Case Study

The client is one of the world’s largest, most successful global logistics firms offering its customers multi-regional product delivery services.

Focused Work

on processes containing proprietary knowledge

Delivered Complete and Accurate Results

on 5,000,000 lines of code with 3,500+ COBOL and Assembler programs

Eliminated Significant Amount

of dead, obsolete and duplicate code

Accelerated Rule Mining and Rule Modernization

by three times

Reduced Time

required from application SMEs and development resources

Mitigated Risk

of finding missed requirements in testing

AveriSource iSAT Platform

Automated Digital Modernization Evaluator

iSAT Assessment is an Automated Digital Modernization Evaluator providing key analysis of legacy mainframe and AS400/iSeries applications to gather information about the size, scope and timeline of digital modernization projects

  • Easy to understand user interface that aids in quickly starting an assessment, saving time and money
  • Inventory of all languages present in the source code, with a break down by language and lines of code
  • Statistics on components and modules called or connected to the code but not present in the analyzed code
  • Statistics on syntax issues, anomalies and problem areas in the code to aid in estimating the full digital modernization effort
  • Identify important information in the inventory to enable better digital modernization decisions

Advanced Analysis and Business Rule Extraction

iSAT Extraction delivers critical information about applications including Data Lineage, Impact Analysis, Application Mapping, Connection Reports and Business Rules

  • 100%+ ROI and more accurate than manual code analysis
  • Comprehensive suite of reports and outputs with actionable and executable information for intelligent digital modernization
  • Dead, technical and redundant code automatically identified and segregated
  • Source code to English-like translations
  • Business Alignment process to align code with business requirements, functions and activities


iSAT Enablement utilizes metadata from iSAT Extraction to automate digital modernization to future ready applications. iSAT Enablement delivers microservices, while minimizing costly and error ridden manual efforts

  • 100%+ ROI
  • Rapidly accelerate forward engineering velocity, remove technical debt and enable Cloud native deployment
  • Microservices are delivered in Java or C# for easy deployment
  • Application components can be built in different programming languages (Polyglot)
  • Ability to build extremely scalable applications, lowering operating costs

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