The iSAT is a cutting-edge, browser-based application that provides a well-organized, scalable, comprehensive, interactive repository of source code documentation and analysis tools. And it handles the most prevalent legacy programming languages in a single interface. The iSAT can be deployed in AveriSource’s private cloud at Rackspace or deployed in a 3rd party cloud or on premises.



No software or download required. Full functionality is available from any browser.


A modern and easy-to-use design reduces training and drives efficiency in code analysis and maintenance.

Advanced Search

Large, complex applications can be easily searched using wildcards and regular expressions. Reports can be sorted and filtered right on the page.

Exporting and Reporting

Customize on-screen output to show only vital information and downloads available for both Excel and Visio.

Source Code Connection

Wherever applicable, links are provided directly to expanded source code.

Learning Engine

iSAT legacy code constructs contain almost 20 years of corporate knowledge, and the iSAT gets smarter every time it parses code.


The iSAT graphically displays control flows and program logic, giving those without expertise in legacy languages the ability to connect code to business activities.

Database Insights

Connections are shown between data sources, files, primary and internal data structures, and variables and attributes.

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