AveriSource powers the digital modernization of mission critical legacy systems worldwide

AveriSource Platform Packages

Introducing the AveriSource Platform’s four powerful packages designed to streamline and simplify your application modernization journey. Our Inventory, Discover, Analyze, and Transform packages build on each other to provide essential insights, expose interdependencies, delve into technical structures, and generate new code using AI-powered modeling.

Fully understand the contents of the legacy estate. Uncover insights on source languages, detect missing or unused files, and ensure environmental completeness. Allows for accurate resource planning and project timeline estimation, minimizing risks associated with incomplete data and enhancing project success. 

Unravel application architecture and data handling. Gain clarity into program relationships, data storage utilization, and database complexity. Understand code interdependencies and pinpoint distinct execution paths, exposing system dependencies and their impact on various business aspects, ensuring informed project planning. Includes the Inventory package.

Examine execution paths in-depth. Automatically extract relevant business rules, eliminate duplicate/dead code, and delve into granular details for project execution. Gain a thorough understanding of user interfaces, program flow, and application structure for effective documentation and reuse. Includes the Discover package.

Leverage AI to modernize legacy code. Automatically identify and generate models through analysis of data-related components. Use these models to auto-generate new code in the target language, simplifying the development process. Includes the Analyze package.

Support for multiple legacy source code languages and technologies:
Microservice code generation support for target languages: