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Accurately scope, plan and identify technical roadblocks to modernization initiatives

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Business Rule Extraction

Surface core business logic to facilitate requirements development

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Application Relearn

Rapidly establish baseline knowledge on complex legacy applications.

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AveriSource iSAT

Actionable intelligence on legacy applications in a scalable, interactive repository

The AveriSource iSAT™ provides actionable intelligence on legacy applications in a well-organized, scalable, interactive repository of source code documentation and technical analysis tools.  With its broad programming language coverage and lightning-fast delivery times, AveriSource’s automated application documentation services are the best choice for large, complex legacy applications.

Key iSAT Takeaways

Answers fundamental questions about source code such as volume, use of third party applications, and details on any missing and unreferenced components.

Provides an understanding of the application’s technical make-up. Includes verb and statement details, code anomalies, comments and complexity metrics.

Delivers in-depth information at the program level, including flow charts, data dictionary, screen renders, and dead and redundant code.

Connects data sources to batch jobs and transactions and the programs that use data sources. Ties data operations to the data structures and identifiers that use the data.

Allows users to gauge the impact of code modifications and develop efficient management and modernization strategies with reports for files, variables and modules.

See the reach of processes and connect entry point programs and jobs to business processes. Reports include application processes, clusters, program links and connectivity between components.

Active and relevant rules are extracted across the execution environment. Reports include control flow diagrams, routine flows, rule trees and detailed business rules reports with categorized, weighted business rules.

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