Powering Digital Modernization of Critical Legacy Systems.

AveriSource technology surfaces intellectual property in legacy applications to rapidly incorporate it into modern software.

Through the AveriSource Interactive Software Analysis Technologies (iSAT) Platform, your key applications and databases will go through an in-depth analysis to extract the business rules of your company’s data.

If the current environment for your systems and applications are probably not where they need to be, or maybe a piece of them is falling behind as a Legacy System.. if either are true, AveriSource will be able to assist with your short term (Digital Modernization) or long term (Digital Transformation) planning.

The AveriSource iSAT Platform

What we do

Discovery & Analysis
of Code

You’re falling behind, but still key legacy applications and databases will go through an in-depth analysis.

Business Rule Extraction

Once analyzed, the business rules of your company’s data are extracted for preservation and use.

Create Microservices

The iSAT platform focuses on the automation of the software development cycle & enterprise legacy mainframes, saving your business time and money.

Why Digital Modernization

Monolithic Applications

are difficult to manage & update, very expensive!

Subject Matter Experts

are retiring and leaving the business.

Current Environment

does not meet the needs and business case for today and future.

Complex Legacy Systems

are complicated & lack Standardized Programming Framework.

AveriSource Digital Modernization

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