The AveriSource Platform automates the extraction of business logic in legacy applications to rapidly transform all vital information into modern and efficient software

Companies and organizations all over the world are embracing Cloud strategies, including Federal Agencies and the Military. As business is ever-evolving, it is key to manage your unique core strengths and outsource non-core functions. Whether you are looking to expand your internal, external or hybrid Cloud strategy, AveriSource is the right partner.

Every day, companies are taking minimal steps to digitally modernize their Legacy Software, saving their most important data and updating some systems, yet still holding on to old, unusable data, systems, and software by utilizing a Lift and Shift Modernization model, which retains technical debt.

Companies believe it to be faster and less costly. Ultimately, however, it is far more expensive, inefficient, and problematic. Trying to identify a starting point is like standing on the edge of a technology abyss.


Decision-makers do not realize that they are carrying forward dead, redundant, and technical code, nearly 80% of which is no longer needed nor used. This not only creates the need for much higher infrastructure costs from their Cloud provider, but it also is a key reason why business applications often have issues after they are moved to a new platform, grinding business functions to a halt and often delaying business overall.

By using the AveriSource Platform, your mission-critical applications will go through an in-depth analysis and extraction of their business rules. Only the core code, which is your business’ IP, will be integrated into your new platform. Risk is significantly mitigated because of the depth of experience built into the AveriSource Platform over several decades of dedicated R&D and digital modernization experience.

If the current environment for your systems and applications are not where they need to be, or your business areas are at risk due to an antiquated Legacy System that no longer can be properly maintained, call AveriSource. The AveriSource team will assist with your short-term digital modernization needs and long-term Digital Transformation planning and execution

Monolithic Applications

Monolithic Applications are difficult and expensive to manage and update

Not Meeting Needs

The current legacy environment does not meet the needs and business case for today’s business needs nor future needs

Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are retiring and leaving the business. Hourly rates and special incentives are required to engage legacy code experts. This has created a frenzy to find legacy SMEs.

Complex Legacy Systems

Complex legacy systems are complicated and lack a Standardized Programming Framework

What We Do

AssessExtract Enable Modern Software from Legacy Systems

Assessments – Business Rules Extraction – Microservices

Companies have two choices:

Continue to rely on their antiquated legacy applications, putting their business operations at risk while enduring high related costs,
or fix the issue the right way the first time.

Where do you want to be on your digital modernization journey?

If you are going to invest in modernizing your code, do it right the first time. Engage the experts at AveriSource!

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