AveriSource Advantages

AveriSource’s technology eliminates much of the time and resource intensive nature of code analysis and business rule extraction with a compelling combination of language coverage, intelligent automation, browser-based applications and high-impact solutions.

Service Model

AveriSource delivers code analysis and transformed code on a turn-key basis, on fixed timelines and for fixed prices. No software licenses and time-consuming training are required, and results are provided to an unlimited number of users. When custom outputs are needed, software developers with deep legacy application expertise provide them.

AveriSource VS. Manual & Tool-Assisted

AveriSource brings true scalability to an otherwise linear process, in contrast to manual and tool-assisted alternatives.

AveriSource Manual Tool-Assisted
Cost ($/LOC) Scalable Fixed Fixed
Timelines Scalable Linear Linear
Staffing Minimal High High
Training Minimal High High