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AveriSource has 20 years of digital transformation experience, serving systems integrators, the Fortune 1000 and government entities.




Overcoming Obstacles to Transformation

The demands of digital transformation exceed the technical, architectural and functional capabilities of legacy applications.  To transform these applications and achieve business goals, application owners must accurately identify obstacles to transformation – the components and processes responsible for low agility and high cost, high complexity and high risk.

Automated Code Analysis

AveriSource automates legacy source code analysis and business rule extraction.  Our technology aligns code components and application processes with the business operations they support.  In doing so, our technologies surface the intellectual property embedded in legacy applications in a form independent from the underlying technology so that it can be rapidly incorporated into modern software development and engineering approaches.

The AveriSource iSAT™

Extracted artifacts are presented in the AveriSource iSAT™ (Interactive Software Analysis Tool), a cutting-edge, browser-based application that provides a comprehensive, organized, scalable, interactive repository of source code documentation, planning and analysis tools.

AveriSource Digital Modernization

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