Mission / Vision / Value

Mission Statement

The AveriSource team has amassed decades of experience in helping clients digitally modernize their legacy software, especially from complex mainframe environments. Our mission is to help companies successfully move their applications to Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud environments in a risk-free, cost-efficient process using our unique, industry-recognized leading software suite called iSAT (Interactive Software Analysis Technologies). Our team is singularly focused on successful client migrations that enable their businesses to operate without disruption or impact to daily operations while Digitally Modernizing.


There is a cost of doing something and a cost to doing something right. The failure rate for Digital Modernization projects is high, and we are often engaged to successfully deliver projects where others have failed. We start our process with your vision of the end state and work backward to ensure you understand every step, how it will be handled, what success looks like, and how we ensure our efforts align with your vision.


The vast majority of Digital Modernization projects are done manually and rife with costly human error. There are other companies that provide tools that offer parts of what we do, however, industry experts agree that the iSAT Platform is far ahead of anything that exists in today’s marketplace and we continue to innovate. The iSAT Platform rapidly accelerates Digital Modernization while eliminating costly human errors. Our proprietary method of modernizing the Legacy System is the most cost-efficient solution globally available. What we promise is full transparency throughout every step of your project.