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AveriSource on AWS


AveriSource is the industry leader in Legacy Software Modernization: Assessments – Business Rules Extraction – and Microservices as our automation solutions help clients accelerate their AWS Cloud journey with digital modernization and transformation projects. 

The iSAT Platform is used by global enterprises, system integrators, technology firms, and Federal and State government agencies to modernize their legacy mainframe and i-Series systems.

AveriSource is an Amazon-validated ISV Partner and AveriSource’s products are part of the Amazon Partner Network (APN).

Typical deployments include multiple Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon RDS for database, and Amazon FSx for file storage.

Interactive Software Analysis Technologies Platform

iSAT Assessment is an Automated Digital Modernization Evaluator providing key analysis of legacy mainframe and i-Series applications to gather information about the size, scope and timeline of digital modernization projects.
iSAT Enablement builds upon the code assessment, analysis and business rule extraction functions of iSAT Assessment and iSAT Extraction to add Microservices functionality to rapidly accelerate forward engineering efforts.
Target languages supported for Microservice code generation:
iSAT Extraction delivers the most critical part of any modernization effort – the Business Rules. The client saves time and money by being able to pinpoint the key business functionality and understanding the flow of control that is necessary in the eventual modern application.
Multiple legacy source code languages and technologies are supported: