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Because many legacy applications were designed as monoliths for batch processing, they can slow a business’ ability to respond to rapid digital business changes. Many companies have focused on innovating and modernizing the consumer-facing parts of the business. And while it is true that this has helped to improve the customer experience, enterprises need more fundamental and comprehensive changes to compete in the 21st century.

A growing number of companies are shifting their focus to analyzing and evaluating internal core systems to determine how to fundamentally transform them. Ultimately, these are digital transformation initiatives that will meet the needs of the business by providing services in an in-context, real-time, always-on, and available-anywhere manner.

This ISG Insights Thought Leadership Paper presents the case for a phased approach to application modernization using automated application documentation and business rule extraction software to support enterprise digital transformation. ISG Insights analysts talked with several ISG advisors, service providers, and enterprises to better understand current practices and trends in legacy application modernization.

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