AveriSource Analyze

The AveriSource Analyze package provides organizations with a comprehensive examination of their legacy application execution paths, user interfaces, and program flow. By automatically extracting relevant business rules and identifying code anomalies, duplicate code, and dead code, the Analyze package streamlines the modernization process, ensuring effective documentation, validation, and maintainability of the application throughout its lifecycle. In addition, the Analyze package contains all the benefits of the Discover package.

Support for multiple legacy source code languages and technologies

Code Analysis

Deeply analyze entry points to discover relationships and execution paths. View visual representations, in execution order, of the connections between the various sections (paragraphs/functions/methods) of each program.

Rule Analysis

Generate business rules from application files, providing a comprehensive understanding of the application’s underlying business operations. View details such as a color-coded chart of rule types, a grid of extracted business rules, a visualization of application flow order, and a list of all variables defined within the program.