With its unrivaled language coverage, lightning-fast delivery timelines and complete processing of all source code, AveriSource eliminates pain and human error from source code analysis.


Answers fundamental questions about source code such as size, use of third party applications, and details on any missing components, providing critical data that is difficult and time-consuming to discover manually.


Provides a detailed understanding of the technical make-up of an application and the complexity of its programs.  Includes verb and statement details, code anomalies, comments and industry-standard complexity metrics.


Delivers in-depth information at the program level, including flow charts, data dictionary, screen renders, and dead and redundant code.  Shows the underlying nature of the application source code including:

  • Business activities being performed by the code
  • Coding practices that restrict maintenance or enhancement
  • Development environment constraints that require specialized skill sets
  • Database access performance, flexibility and cleanliness

Language Coverage

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