Automated Business Rule Extraction

Unique, powerful, accessible business logic designed to streamline application management and modernization

Many of the business rules that drive core systems of most enterprises are only documented in their source code. Extracting this logic is vital to system support and modernization.  AveriSource’s powerful automated business rule extraction technology dramatically accelerates rule mining on large applications. And extracted rules are contained in the AveriSource iSAT™, a well-organized, scalable, interactive repository of source code documentation and technical analysis tools.

AveriSource iSAT™ Business Rules

  • Categorized – Each business rule is assigned to one of thirteen categories to provide business context and to allow segmentation of application modernization activities.
  • Weighted – Shows which rules are likely to have the greatest business impact.
  • Translated – Translated candidate rules make it easier for analysts to understand the business process without interpreting source code.
  • Modernization Focused – Developed to dramatically accelerate the modernization use cases.

Typical Use Cases

  • Cloud migration
  • Application modernization
  • Application management
  • Application replacement
  • Requirements gathering

Programming Language Coverage

  • IBM COBOL, AS/400 COBOL, Unisys COBOL, Fujitsu COBOL, Tandem COBOL, Micro Focus COBOL, VAX COBOL, etc.
  • ADABAS/Natural, PL/I, RPG, Assembler, Model 204
  • JCL, CICS, BMS, MFS, AS/400 CL
  • IMS, DB2, VSAM

Rule Statistics

Rule categories in each program

Business Logic

Detailed rule reports in control flow order

Control Flow Diagrams

Diagramatic representation of logic flow

Routine Flow

Routines nested in control flow order, including external system calls

Rule Tree

Decision points in a program in control flow order providing simplified logic flow

Source Report

Source code annotated with rule categories and incidence count

AveriSource Digital Modernization

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