Digital Transformation

Meet tomorrow’s business challenges by leveraging the intellectual property embedded in your legacy applications.

The challenges of digital transformation are especially daunting when they require replacing parts of core enterprise systems.

By surfacing the intellectual property embedded in legacy applications in a form independent from the underlying technology, AveriSource and the iSAT help ensure a successful digital transformation journey.

Identify Risks

Clearly understand the parts of your applications that will pose the greatest challenges to implementing your digital strategies

Plan with Confidence

AveriSource’s modernization planning solutions ensure that budgets and plans are realistic

Business Rules

Many of the business rules that drive core enterprise systems are only documented in source code. Extracting this logic is vital to a success transformation and modernization program.  AveriSource’s powerful automated business rule extraction technology dramatically accelerates rule mining on large applications

Incorporate Business Context

Business process mapping connects application components to present and future state business drivers to align the goals of digital transformation with the source code needed to make them a reality

Code Coverage

Catching missed requirements during testing can dramatically impact transformation timelines.  Automation and testing ensure that all source code is analyzed so no requirements are missed

Data Lineage

Understanding how applications interact with the underlying data model is critical to application segmentation

AveriSource Digital Modernization

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