AveriSource Discover

The AveriSource Discover package empowers organizations with in-depth insights into their legacy application’s architecture, data handling, and code interdependencies. By unraveling program relationships, data storage utilization, and execution paths, the Discover package facilitates informed decision-making and efficient project planning throughout the modernization process, ensuring a smooth transition and seamless integration with other systems. In addition, the Discover package contains all the benefits of the Inventory package.

Support for multiple legacy source code languages and technologies

Application Overview

Automatically identify entry programs within a codebase and the programs connected to those entry points. Quickly comprehend the reach of processes, connections between components, and connect entry point programs and jobs to business processes.

Data Lineage

Understand data handling, data storage utilization, and database complexity. Get statistics for data related Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) statements for flat files, indexed files, SQL, CICS, ADABAS, and IDMS operations.