iSAT Enablement

iSAT Enablement

AveriSource’s newest innovation builds on iSAT Extraction’s industry-leading success. iSAT Enablement utilizes metadata captured by iSAT Extraction to deliver executable microservices. iSAT Enablement rapidly accelerates forward engineering velocity to future-ready applications, while minimizing costly and error-ridden manual efforts.

Why Microservices?

Many companies, faced with rising costs and poor performance, are considering changing to a Microservice architecture, an architectural style in which applications are decomposed into loosely coupled services.  Microservices offer increased modularity, making applications easier to develop, test, deploy, change, and maintain.

AveriSource’s iSAT Enablement

    AveriSource combines its technology with in-house modernization expertise to deliver successful digital transformation outcomes for its partners and clients. AveriSource has flexible delivery options from fully cloud-based SaaS solutions to operating within a client’s network.


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