Modernization Planning

Enabling risk-aware approaches to scoping and planning digital transformation

Digital transformation projects are complicated and require carefully weighing business requirements against budgetary and technical realities.

AveriSource empowers modernization teams to make decisions with an awareness of the strengths and limitations of legacy systems to support modern business processes.  AveriSource provides services that leverage the iSAT Interactive Software Analysis Tool to deliver valuable planning insights, including:


iSAT inventory and discovery reports detail the size and complexity of processes, highlighting use of third-party applications

Business Alignment

Map application processes onto the business functions they enable and aggregate vital statistics the inform decision making

Domain Models

Relate application data sources to the domain models they support

Technical Challenges

Determine roadblocks to modernization to deliver on the promise of agile future state applications

Segments and Microservices

Identify which parts of your applications can be transformed into modern services by identifying dependencies and shared data sources

Industry Frameworks

Map application processes onto industry frameworks to facility application replacement and fit-gap analysis

Process Difficulty

Rate process flows based on their support cost, complexity and the risk they pose to the business

Dead and Redundant Code

Uncover technical debt to better estimate projects and eliminate unnecessary source from future state implementations

Process Importance

Rate groups of process flows based on their value, agility and fit to support future state business requirements

AveriSource Digital Modernization

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