Application Relearn

Detailed application documentation and analysis tools for application management

Application subject matter experts and legacy language coders are in short supply, but business demands on application managers continue to grow.

AveriSource can rapidly document legacy applications to facilitate on-boarding of application managers and to kick-start more detailed modernization scoping and planning.  AveriSource provides services that leverage the iSAT to deliver true relearn, including:


Drill down from process flows to programs, flow charts, data structures and more with the iSAT’s comprehensive suite of interactive reports

Domain Models

Relate application data sources to the domain models they support

Business Alignment

Map application processes onto the business functions they enable and aggregate vital statistics the inform decision making

Process Difficulty

Rate process flows based on their support cost, complexity and the risk they pose to the business

Dead and Redundant Code

Discover unused and redundant code to better estimate projects and eliminate unnecessary source from future state implementations


iSAT inventory and discovery reports detail the size and complexity of processes, highlighting use of third-party applications

AveriSource Digital Modernization

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